CONFESS, FLETCH: Check Out Our Exclusive Interview With Stars Lorenza Izzo And Annie Mumolo!

We speak to Confess, Fletch stars Lorenza Izzo and Annie Mumolo about their standout performances in the movie, learning more about their wackiest scenes and their hopes to reprise these roles down the line.

In Confess, Fletch, Jon Hamm stars as the roguishly charming and endlessly troublesome Fletch, who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case while searching for a stolen art collection. The only way to prove his innocence? Find out which of the long list of suspects is the culprit - from the eccentric art dealer and a missing playboy to a crazy neighbour and Fletch’s Italian girlfriend. Crime, it's fair to say, has never been this disorganized.

Earlier this month, we spoke to stars Lorenza Izzo and Annie Mumolo about their hilarious roles as Angela De Grassi and Eve in this side-splittingly funny reboot of the classic franchise.

During our conversation, they both reflect on working with co-star Jon Hamm in some of the movie's wackiest, most memorable scenes, including dealing with fire and bad Italian. They also explain the importance of playing strong female characters in a movie like this and weigh in on whether we could see their characters team up for a spinoff movie.

We're not kidding when we say you have to see these two in action in Confess, Fletch, and it was a blast getting some insights into the experience of making this reboot.

Check out our interview with the Confess, Fletch stars below:

Annie, Eve just seems hilariously oblivious to her surroundings during that standout scene with Fletch in the kitchen, but how challenging is it to be part of a sequence like that where there is so much going on along with a tonne of very fast-paced dialogue?

Annie: That was actually one of the more challenging things that I’ve done. We had one day and it was a lot of busy work and tonnes of tech with things going up in flames and a lot of stuff going on [Laughs].

Lorenza: The dog, a joint, flames, choreography, lines [Laughs].

Annie: At one point, when I took a hit off the joint, and it’s like a fake joint, sometimes I inhaled half of whatever was inside that and it went inside my lungs [Laughs]. You just keep going and you don’t want to mess up because there’s not a lot of time. I was like, ‘[Coughs].’ Yeah, it was challenging but so much fun to also be able to play such a chaotic character. It would be one thing if everything was going on and I had to play someone who was under control. It was a lot of fun to do that. 

Lorenza, you get to argue in Italian and also have to listen to Jon Hamm’s very bad Italian - how much fun were those moments for you on set? 

Lorenza: [Laughs] A fun fact is that Jon actually has a very good level of Italian. In real life, his Italian is very good and he handles himself very, very well. For me, it’s always fun to get lost in a personality like Angela. There’s a lot of freedom in being free like that and there’s not a lot of times where you have that. You’re usually so afraid to go big or not go over the top with a performance, but there was room there to play off Jon’s groundedness and I think and hope that worked out. You know, that bouncy, larger-than-life Italian energy next to his groundedness. He’s got it all under control, but he’s really just winging it, and she is as well. For me, also using the accent tool as a mechanism to get lost in it as well was really fun. And scary, but fun. 

Jon is playing this guy who is very smart, but he’s still not really a match for either Angela or Eve. What did you enjoy most about playing these strong female characters who are one step ahead of him? 

Lorenza: [Laughs] For me, it’s more of what I was saying! Everyone did such a good job and the female cast surrounding Jon was such a good choice from the producers and Greg [Mottola]. They did such a wonderful job in taking these incredibly talented women who can play, I don’t want to say crazy because that’s not the right word, but who can play someone who is out there but grounded. I think that’s a very hard thing to do but they did it so beautifully as he’s playing this guy where nothing phases him and he’s going to figure it out. These women, at one point are really crazy, but at the same time, they know exactly what is happening. That dichotomy was really cool to play with. 

I’m sure fans will be keen for more Fletch after this movie, but even though Angela and Eve only share the screen briefly, I can’t help but think it would be even more fun to see them head off together in a spinoff. How do you both see that playing out? 

Annie: Uh, I’d be in 100%. 

Lorenza: Are you joking? I’m lighting my joint right now. Angela and Eve…oh my God, I would die!

Annie: Hell yeah. And then I want her to take me all around Italy and we just have wine through the whole country.

Lorenza: And solve all the murders! 

Annie: Yes! Oh my gosh. I feel like they would be successful at solving crimes [Laughs].

Lorenza: I think so too [Laughs].

Confess, Fletch arrives in theatres, on Digital and on demand on September 16, 2022.



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