LAST RESORT: Kung Fu World Champion And Director Jean-Marc Mineo On The Title & How His Fighting History Helps

In support of the brand new action movie Last Resort we had the chance to speak with director Jean-Marc Mineo who was the Kung Fu World Champion about his film and his fighting - check it out!

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When it comes to action movies, they are elevated to a better level when the person directing has a history of action themselves and understands the character's tribulations. That's the case with Jean-Marc Mineo's brand new film called Last Resort which is finally making its way to fans. The film landed in theaters on Friday, and now it's available on digital so even more audiences can tune in to the action film that doubles as a shooter and a fighter.

Jean-Marc was the Kung Fu champion in France six times after training under the master in the Shaolin Temple for several years, and he ultimately went on to become the European Kung Fu champion and ultimately the Kung Fu champion of the world. Making an unusual jump to films, the action in his movies is elevated by his own experiences, which is clear in Last Resort.

It also doesn't hurt that Last Resort features Jon Foo, who is best known for his action work in Tekken. The action-heavy movie sees the lead placed  against Clayton Norcross (Fatal Passion, Tailor-Made Murder). The fighting flick also heavily features fire-arm action as well as hand-to-hand fighting with a solid back-and-forth between both arts and doubling as a shooter.

With such a varied past we were lucky to have a chance to speak with the heavily experienced director. You can see our interview with Jean-Marc Mineo below on the Literary Joe show, and we have also included a transcript of what he had to say about the title of the movie and how his own past with fighting influences his action films such as this one.

Generally, I have many stories in my head and I like to write. For this one, I wrote the script two years ago when I was in LA. For me, the first thing is the title. It's amazing for me because I need the title. When I find the title, I find the story. I can't write a whole world without a title. This movie is called Last Resort in English, but in France, its called Ultima Ratio. And it's Latin for Last Resort. It means its the last chance to save somebody.  It's important. Because for me, Michael is the last resort for his family. After that, it's very clear, 'my family - me'  And, you know, I put many things of me because Michael is a little bit of me. Because I was a soldier, I know PTSD. And I know I'm very special sometimes with my family because when I'm in my place, I don't want to work - I want to talk. So all of my movies, I try to put a little bit of my life.

(My kung fu history) impacted the movie a lot because I know the situation, I know the spirit of fighting. And I know why you fight and why you don't fight, when you can fight and when you cannot fight. And sometimes you need to do something like that. It's better when you don't fight, but sometimes you have to. So in all of my stories, I always try to find a good reason to fight. Fighting to fight is nothing for me, but if you add reason you can go really far. You can kill people to save your family and your life. And I know its not easy to fight too. And when I was a fighter, as I think all of the fighters are, because I had the chance to make a small movie with Mike Tyson and I asked him why he fights so hard and so quick, and he said because he was afraid. And I can say the same thing - why I punch very fast, because I was afraid. And after that when I wrote the story of this guy to be more confident, I put some humor. Humor for me can put the distance between the reality of the situation and between you. Because if you are too involved emotionally, you can't fight.  And you can find these words on the gun of a shooter, when you shoot long distance. And it's Latin for Last Resort. It means its the last chance to save somebody.  It's important.

With Last Resort touting John Foo, the  Tekken star's hand-to-hand combat is a major aspect of the flick, however, the gun fights double it as a shooter and will likely appeal to a larger action-oriented audience, so in case you're included in that, peek at the trailer and synopsis below for yourself to see if it's your brand of film!

Whatever your thoughts on Last Resort, be sure to let us know your thoughts on Jean-Marc's comments and your impression of the film below!

A former special forces soldier becomes a one-man-army when his wife and daughter are taken hostage during a bank robbery. As he brutally neutralizes the gang of thieves, the lives of millions hang in the balance when a highly lethal toxin is stolen from the vault. THE LAST RESORT is an intense action thriller powered by breathtaking fight choreography.

Last Resort is currently in select theaters and available digitally.

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